Welcome to the Sun2climate school 

Thessaloniki (Greece), 10-15 March 2013


The aim of this one-week school was to give young scientists a primer on the impact of solar variability on the Earth's climate. This a timely but also controversial topic that is of major scientific importance. Progress on this issue has been slow, partly because of the lack of interactions between different communities. This is precisely why this school will address the Sun-climate connection in a highly multidisciplinary fashion, by offering the students a panel of lectures given by experts coming from different communities. 

This school was supported by COST (through Action TOSCA), SCOSTEP, IAGA and COSPAR. 27 students coming from 17 countries attended it.

The programme of the school and a report are available for download. The slides of the lectures are also available for download after registration (just click on the menu on the left).

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